Raymond Deane (Writer/Director/Actor) and Phillip Hammond (Entrepreneur/Producer) are childhood best friends who started their own media company PH Consulting and Media in 2005. PH Consulting and Media is a company that specializes in high-definition professional video production services, effective and targeted TV & internet advertisement services, & attractive custom designed websites and social media pages for small businesses throughout New York City. The company has produced commercials; directed by Raymond Deane that can be seen on The Food Network, Bravo, Cooking Channel, ESPN, MSNBC, NY1, Travel Network & Bloomberg Television.

In 2009, Raymond Deane and Phillip Hammond ventured into filmmaking by launching the company Raymond Deane Films. Since then they have completed 2 feature films and they have also produced a music video that currently airs on MTV. "Play To Win" will be their second social awareness film. There first social awareness film is an anti-bullying film titled "Red Head Randy" which took a very different approach to spreading the message that bullying and discrimination in schools must end. In combination with the film, they also started "The Stand up to Bullying Tour" which brought hundreds of kids out to a positive place where they can feel accepted and loved without worry of being made fun or spoken down to.

The two filmmakers believe that the power of filmmaking can be used to spread a positive message on important issues in a fun and entertaining way.

Raymond Deane has a personal message that he tells kids throughout his films & tours and its "Opinions Don't Define You, That's a Fact!"


Film Title: "Red Head Randy"
Film Synopsis
The year is 1989, Randy Kismet; a foster child who was bullied physically and verbally everyday at Montauk High school for being gay and different by two of his classmates Fred Lucas (Frank Ciccolo) & Jack Higgins (John Formica). He was constantly taunted because he had bright red hair, they gave him the nickname “Red Head Randy”. The pain was too much for him to bare any longer so one dark and lonely night he made the tragic decision to committ suicide despite his foster mothers many attempts to show him love and support from home. Twenty years later the bullying at Montauk High School has reached an all time high. Randy’s bullies, Jack Higgins is now the aloof, corrupt principal of Montauk High School and Fred Lucas is now a abusive foster dad who bullies and abuses his foster child. Randy’s ghost awakes from his grave to put an end to Fred & Jack’s bullying once and for all and teach the new bullies of Montauk a lesson the will never forget.
Film Trailer


Film Title: "Travail"
Film Synopsis
Robert Hermon is a N.Y.P.D Detective to the public but he secretly works for the Illuminati. His hatred for African Americans makes him the perfect agent to carry out crimes in the urban communities in order to full fill the secret agenda of his masters.Trevor Bryant is a ladies man who decides to settle down with his longtime girlfriend Emily O'brian. Trevor has one more fling with Detective Hermon's daughter which turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. Trevor's decision puts him and his girlfriends life in extreme danger. They unknowingly become apart of a deadly occult hunting game that has been played by the worlds elite since the days of slavery.
Scene From "Travail"


Film Title: "Play To Win"

Film Synopsis
It's the last day of the school year and Roger; a kid from a small town who loves sports, outdoor activities and games is looking forward to a fun summer with his friends. When Roger gets home from school he receives news that his dad was just hired by the largest video game company and he and his family would have to pack up and move to the big city. Roger quickly learns that none of the neighborhood kids from the city want to go out and play, they just want to stay inside, play video games, surf the internet and pig out on junk food for the entire summer. So, Roger comes up with a genius plan to trick all his new friends to come out to play by making them think the winner of his "Play To Win" Tournament will win the coolest and most awesome new gaming system which hasn't come out yet. This leads to an awesome summer of fun until Rogers plan back fires on him.


Our Mission (This Film is in Pre-Production)

Our mission with the kids feature film "Play To Win" is to inspire children nationally to live healthier lives by encouraging them to spend more time playing outside and eating healthier foods. This message is apart of the film in a way that kids can learn a great message while having fun and being entertained the whole way through.

"Our children's film "Play To Win" will teach kids the importance of exercise, a well-balanced diet and the value of friendship, forgiveness, and compassion toward one another."

- Phillip Hammond, Executive Producer


Song Title: "Voices in My Head"
Artist: Grafh (www.grafhonline.com)

Music Video Treatment
The music video's treatment is based off a combination of concepts from the 1988 American science fiction-horror "They Live" and the 1999 American science fiction action film "The Matrix". In the video Grafh has a dream where he is forced to take either a blue pill or the red pill. Once he awakes from the dream he notices that his sun glasses allow him to see subliminal messages implemented by the leaders of the free world . The "Voices In My Head" music video was directed by new & upcoming controversial writer/director Raymond Deane and shot in Grafh's hometown of Queens, New York .

"Grafh music video for Voices in my head is the hood version to one of my favorite movies of all time, They Live" – Raymond Deane, Director

This music video currently airs on MTV Jams - View it on MTV by clicking here


Movie Title: "Red Head Randy"
Scene Title: "You Ain't No Coach"

Scene Description
In this scene for the anti-bully film "Red Head Randy", Raymond Deane plays the character named "Coach Tech". Coach Tech is a coach who is a bully. He bullies his players and in this scene Coach Tech (Raymond Deane) gets a little payback from Red Head Randy. He is put in a situation where he is powerless because he no longer has any control over his players and assistant coach. Check it out for yourself below.

Full Scene from "Red Head Randy" ft. Raymond Deane as "Coach Tech"


Raymond Deane talks about Red Head Randy on 89.5 FM Seton Hall Pirate Radio on IHeart Radio


Raymond & Sudan Deane Cover Story "Love and Inspiration" for Where itz At Magazine

Website: www.gowhereitzat.com

Article: "Love and Inspiration"



Fans talks about what they thought about Raymond Deane's film Red Head Randy after a screening at the AMC Loews Village 7 theater in NYC!



2014 TV Commercial for Jaiya Restaurant (Directed by: Raymond Deane)

TV Commercial for Panash Restaurant and Lounge (Directed by: Raymond Deane)

TV Commercial for Jaiya Restaurant (Directed by: Raymond Deane)

TV Commercial for Tamba Bar & Grill (Directed by: Raymond Deane)


Raymond Deane wants to reach and teach kids everywhere that opinions do not define who they are. That being told 'You're ugly' or 'You're a loser' is not true – it is not fact. Such labels are only the opinion of one person – and are certainly not fact – and most others will see these kids as the beautiful people that they are. Raymond stresses the importance of having all kids, everywhere, surround themselves with people who love and appreciate them, for who they are. Of surrounding themselves with other kids who see them as the awesome and beautiful people that they are. Watch the video below to see Raymond Deane speak to 300 + guest during the "Red Head Randy Stand up To Bullying Tour" presented by Raymond Deane Films.

Director Raymond Deane and his wife Sudan Deane were interviewed by TV personality and singer Sandy Jordan of New Apple Productions for a special screening event of the Oscars in NYC.


Raymond Deane with Actress and singer Meredith O'Connor

Raymond Deane with Production Assistant Danielle Copper

Raymond Deane his wife of 10 years Sudan Deane, son Raydan Deane (10 years old) and Christian Deane (5 years old)

Raymond Deane and Phill Hammond with kids and families outside of Indoor Extreme Sports during the Stand up To Bullying Tour.


Sudan Deane is a motivational speaker, my wife of 10 years and the mother of my 2 beautiful children. She is passionate about spreading positivity into the world by helping people learn more information that will keep them motivated, uplifted and inspired. Sudan wants to help spread the message that we need to uplift and inspire each other. Her philosophy is the more we uplift and inspire each other the more people will reach their goals and dreams in life.

Please visit her website at www.sudandeane.com to learn more about her or to join her inspirational club.


Nick Dubanos is a very talented actor who worked hand and hand with director Raymond Deane and Producer Phill Hammond playing the lead role of Detective Robert Hermon in the film Travail. Be on the lookout for Nick Dubanos in future films. He is a star on the rise!

In March the 27th 2014 Nick Dubanos Won Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for "Crew" as the Character of Jackie Ricci in the Rome Web Awards 2014.


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